What this is about

Usually I just read the translations for The Legend of the Sun Knight on princerevolution or Lealynn’s blog but right now both of them are just too slow. I can’t really read Chinese but I can speak it fairly well given that I spent my childhood in China. So what I did was I used google translate’s text-to-speech function to “read” the Chinese raws, after I finish typing down what I hear in english, I reread it like an english translation. Since I already have a translated script I figured I might as well as share it with other fans of the series. The translation may not be as precise as someone who has a good grasp of of to read and write Chinese but hopefully the meanings have been clearly conveyed. I do not know if I will translate anymore than this since this was mostly just an experiment to see if it was possible. I plan on spending most of my free time learning Korean so I can read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor since I figure it would be faster for me to learn the language than wait for the translations for that light novel series. If I do manage to learn Korean, people can look forward to my bad translations of that series on here.

So why start a new blog for the translation of just one chapter? Well initially I planned to have the guys at princerevolution host this for me but they haven’t replied to my e-mail and as a long time leecher I understand the pain of waiting for something you really want to read so I want to get my translations out there as fast as possible. Also as a side note, I am not ahead of anyone else in reading The Legend of the Sun Knight, if I read chapter 8, I’ll have a script when I finish reading it and will probably post that here. If I don’t post anything that means I haven’t read any further. Feel free to post what you think about the chapter in the comments.