Volume 4, Tactic #7: “Choose Your Companions for Slaying a Dragon”

My consciousness gradually recovered, I tried to open my eyes, but immediately stopped myself.

Why? Because I was blind, opening my eyes makes no sense.

The images in my head gradually cleared… But suddenly stopped getting clearer, even though the images were still very murky, and not as clear as they were in the past.

I opened my eyes, thinking maybe my eyes stilled worked, but my surroundings remained hazy, with little to no change.

Surprised, I could not quite understand why until I realized I was surrounded by dark elements which blocked my perception of other elements, this caused the images in my mind to be a little murky. When I strengthened my perception though, the images became as clear as they were in the past.

This had nothing to do with having my eyes being opened or closed!

I immediately tore off a long strip of cloth from my gown and wrapped it around my eyes.

Then I stood up and shouted, “Scarlet, where are you? Stop hiding, I do not trust you, I do not trust that Ecilan, I also don’t trust Sybil, I don’t trust anyone anymore! “

“That’s good!”

This time I was not surprised. I began to slowly turn around to face the little girl behind me, but then stopped because this movement as much sense as opening my eyes.

I can already “see” her. I did not have to face her to know she looked the same as before, with the form of a small girl, but I very much suspect that she actually was not just a little girl.

“You are acting much better than before, have you begun to recover your memories?” Scarlet said while giggling.

Stunned, I turned around reflexively and blurted out, “What do you mean by that?”

“Ah, Looks like there is still a bit missing.” Scarlet said with a slight laugh, “You don’t have to turn around to be able to see me, right?”

Hearing this, I suppressed a sign but could not help but growl, “Don’t change the subject. Scarlet, what is your purpose? Don’t give me any riddles and you’re not allowed to disappear again!”

“I can’t help it, they scattered my body and now I don’t have a material form. I need to accumulate my energy for a while before I can appear in front of you!”

What? I was surprised for a moment. Puzzled, I asked, “Who are they?”

“Who else?” Scarlet said while laughing coldly, “Isn’t it the people who just before wanted to deceive you?”

“Flame Knight?” I fell into silence, then said full of certainty, “No, you must mean the Church of Light right?”

“Correct!” Scarlet nodded with satisfaction, smiling, said, “However, more accurately, it was the Sun Knight.”

The Sun Knight is trying to deceive me? I hesitated, but could not help but ask, “However, Ecilan said I was the Sun Knight…”

Scarlet suddenly could not help but burst out laughing, her silvery laugh rang in the air for a while before she shook her head and said, “Grisia, do you really believe him? You are all full of dark elements, use dark magic, are horrible with a sword, and not even good at horse riding… even with your memory loss, do you really think you are the Sun Knight? You are not even close enough to the Sun Knight to be able to rub sides with him!”

“I…” I was speechless. Yeah! In the end what was I expecting?

Suddenly, Scarlet gasped, “Oh no, my time is almost over again. Grisia remember, do not trust anyone. Use them, but never trust them.”

Startled, I pointedly asked, “Including you?”

“Yes, including me.”

Scarlet nodded her head and said, “It is up to you whether you listen to me or not. For now, I’ll let you know that you have already arrived at the place you want to be. Inside the Kingdom of Moon Orchid’s largest darkness infected land, the entrance to the Teraizell Valley. The things you left behind are in the innermost part of the valley. Retrieve those things, and you will know the whole truth. “

Teraizell Valley… this really is where I wanted to come to. Originally I wanted to lure the Flame Knight to this place, but did not think “the things I left behind” were here too.

While I did follow Scarlet’s instructions and headed in an northeasterly direction, I did not expect to pick my direction so accurately and really find the place Scarlet spoke of.

Although I still had a head full of questions I would like to ask Scarlet, her figure had already begun to fade. Seeing this, I quickly asked, “Do you not intend to go with me? At least tell me, what are the things I left behind?”

“You will know… when you see it, because it was originally something that belonged to you.”

Scarlet’s figure slowly dispersed, her voice drifted in the wind, fading to ethereal nothingness…

“Just so you know, the unicorn is something that belongs to you.”

Before she disappeared, she stretched out her hand to a certain spot. When I stretched my perception towards there, I was not surprised to find that in the originally empty spot, actually appeared an unicorn. Ecilan was even still tied to it, but his eyes were closed as though unconscious.

Even after Scarlet’s shadow could no longer be seen, I still stood in place for a long time. That is until I remembered I had been cut by a certain person and if not quickly healed, I may even bleed to death…. Uh!

Where is my wound?

My chest had no signs of a wound at all, not even any traces of blood. If my clothes did not have a large slash through it, I would have seriously questioned whether I actually got hurt or not.

Did Scarlet help me heal my wound? If so, if I follow Scarlet’s instructions, I should be fine right?

Although my thoughts are in chaos, who lied to me, who did not lie to me, I really don’t know. But at least, until now, Scarlet never hurt me, she took me to find the unicorn; to my Necromancer Spell Compendium; saved me from the hands of the Flame Knight; even cured my injury, and brought me my unicorn and hostage.

I waved to my unicorn, who was actually quite happy to come rushing to me and start vigorously licking me. My backhand swiftly struck the unicorn’s head.

“To like licking me so much, you must see me as food…”


Speaking of which, this unicorn thing, in the end what kind of food does it eat in order to live? How come I feel like I’ve never seen it eat. I hesitantly looked at the unicorn, it is still persistently after my hands and is fiercely using it’s tongue to express it’s love.

It doesn’t eat humans right?

I immediately withdrew my hand, and the unicorn immediately whinnied discontentedly. I knocked it in the head, after it let out a cry, it hung it’s head in dismay low enough to touch the ground.

Upon seeing this, I relented. Whatever the outcome, this guy so far has been very obedient, letting it lick my hand is nothing. So long as it does not eat me.

“But you always just lick me, and never bite me so you shouldn’t eat humans for nourishment, right?”

I hesitantly stretched out my hand, the horse instantly raised it’s head and his tongue shot out to wrap around my hand. In the end what is there on my hand that is so good to lick anyways?

Even if it is eating the “sweat” on my hands, after a few licks it is already clean. Aside from horse saliva, what else is on my hands… Wait!

No… I gathered holy elements in my hands. Originally, my body will automatically gather small amounts of holy elements, to say that I do have something on my hands, it can only this.

After gathering some holy elements, I began to observe the movements of the unicorn. The horse actually got so excited that it shot jets of steam out of it’s nostrils, stamping the ground fiercely with it’s hooves, and it’s eyes shone greedily… what? I can’t see color, so how can I see that it’s eyes shone greedily?

If the horse’s eyes are wider than peaches , it’s saliva flowing a length longer than the horse’s face. I do not need to be able to see color to know that the light emitted from it’s eyes is 80% brighter than the light I emit from my body.

Next, I stretched out one hand, using my other hand to prop up my chin. Sitting on the ground, I patiently allowed the horse to have it’s meal.

“So you really did see me as food, no wonder you love to lick me so much, you gluttonous horse.”

Having said that, after finding out it’s true food source, I gathered more holy elements and let it lick until it was satisfied.

After all, this gluttonous horse is my only partner left. I smiled bitterly, looking at the unicorn, murmured, “That is to say, I suppose it is only right that I give you a name.”

Hearing that, the unicorn actually stopped licking, looked up, and eagerly whinnied twice.

“So, you actually wanted a name that badly? Alright then, give me some time to think about what to call you.” I knotted my brow and started thinking hard.

At that time, the unicorn started to nudge me with it’s head, and then gently nibbled my hand, it then repeated the nudging and nibbling actions.

“Hand?” I asked confusedly.

It desperately shook it’s head, paused a bit, and then gathered a large amount of holy elements onto it’s body.

I guessed, “Holy light?”

Unicorn vigorously nodded with its long neck. Next, it gently touched me with it’s horn, and then continued to repeat this action.

“Horn?” I hesitantly said.

The unicorn nodded it’s head vigorously again, afterwards, it looked at me with longing eyes. Do not ask me why the blind can see the longing in a pair of eyes.

If there was a horse, with eyes wider than peaches, constantly whinnying several octaves higher than usual, hooves anxiously pawing all over your body, probably only a person who is blind, deaf and lost all feeling on his body would not know how much longing there is in this horse.

Poor Ecilan who was on top of the horse, he certainly wasn’t sleeping very well.

“No need to hurry, let me think about it, light and horn… light and horn!”

A flash, I exclaimed, “I understand now, you were called …”

Unicorn stopped all action, looking at me with it’s eyes bulging, not even daring to take a breath.

“Little White!”


This is the first time I ever saw an unicorn fall down.

“Holy light and horns are both white right? It should be white right? At least my common sense tells me so, since you have both light and horns as white stuff, so you are called Little White, this is the correct answer, what are you being so noisy for? “

I snappily knocked Little White on the head, and scolded him, “Just because you have a name doesn’t mean you should be excitedly jumping about, if you keep on arguing there won’t be any dinner for you!”

Little White became too scared to jump, changing to making “guu” noises but this time I did not stop it. Anyway, this valley entrance was so quiet it was a bit scary, any sound would be better than none.

After making up a good name for Little White, I began to observe the surrounding environment. Left and right, on both sides were tall cliffs, only the front had some partially obscured flat ground, it was obscured because the dark elements concentrated there were just too thick.

Teraizell valley should be right in front of me, should I go in? Or just walk away with Little White and Ice Knight, and continue to be hunted down?

I smiled bitterly.

I actually had no other choice.

Unless I am willing to be like this forever, with no memory and constantly on the run. Other than what Scarlet told me to do, I really have no other choice…


Surprised, I sent out my perception, it turned out that the first to discover this place was Woodrow and co., they are coming from inside the valley and are running out, so naturally they were running towards my position.

Iacchi was the fastest, he was the first to reach me, and immediately gave my back a hard smack. Bearing the pain, I turned to face him. He suddenly burst out like a tolling bell, shouting, “Grisia, what happened to your eyes!? “

Igor and Woodrow also reached me by that point, but they just wordlessly stared at my eyes.

Only now did I remember my eyes were still covered with the strip of cloth and quickly tore it down and said, “Nothing, my eyes were just in a bit of pain, so I covered it.”

“It’s fine now right? Don’t scare us.” Igor grabbed my face, and with a fierce stare looked into my eyes, as if wanting to see if there was some terminal disease hidden inside there.

Woodrow concernedly asked, “Do you need to go find someone to take a look at it? Maybe you’re sick or something.”

“No way right? Is it something you can’t cure even with your healing powers?” Iacchi said in disbelief.

“The healing powers of a priest can’t cure everything, especially when it comes to disease, the healing effect is greatly reduced.” Woodrow carefully explained and then turned to me and asked, “Grisia, you also tried to use Heal to treat it didn’t you? Only to find that the result was not as good as you expected right? “

I… I can only nod.

“This is bad, this can really be an illness.” Woodrow said worriedly, and then placed his hand on my forehead.

“How is it? There is nothing wrong with Grisia right?” Igor worriedly asked.

“There doesn’t seem to be a fever.”

I carefully perceive the look of the three of them, all of them have an worried expression, and none of them have any strange expressions.

“Maybe we should leave and take Grisia to see a doctor…”

How can this be? I still have to find out what the things I left behind are. I hurriedly said, “No, The Flame Knight is most likely almost caught up to us, and I really am all right.”

“Really?” Woodrow asked doubtfully.

“If you can’t do it then don’t come.” Igor yelled.

Don’t trust anyone.

I suddenly felt stinging pain in my heart, and reluctantly said, “It really is nothing.”

Iacchi patted me on the back, saying, “That’s fine then, just make sure that when things get tough, you don’t turn out to be blind, that would be uneconomical.”

“Having said that, all I have to say to you is, well done!” Woodrow patted my shoulder, he was much gentler than Iacchi. He said softly to me, “You’ve worked hard.”

Igor said loudly, “I really admire you, Grisia, to even be able to escape from the hands of the Flame Knight, you…”

Sybil and Yuna betrayed me.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking?” Iacchi, a bit puzzled, asked, “Your eyes are fine now right?”

“Does it still hurt?” Igor hurriedly said, “Then we should do as Woodrow said and go heal it!”

Sybil even shot an arrow at me.


“No… I’m really all right…” I burst out full of smiles, saying, “Just a little tired is all, I’ll recover by just walking a bit slower, lets leave quickly, it will be bad if the Flame Knight catches up to us. “

We all nodded together.

Along the road, Igor and Iacchi were warned by Woodrow in advance not to be noisy; so as to not disturb my rest, they were very well behaved. Then, Woodrow who was walking with me informed me of the situation in Toraizell Valley. His voice was very quiet, like he thought I was sleepwalking so he was afraid to wake me!

“Since we first arrived at Toraizell valley, according to your plan we went through the side of the valley. However, we found something strange.”

“What happened?” I was about to fall asleep listening to his soft voice, until what he said finally brought back my attention.

Woodrow wrinkled his brow, and worriedly said, “Toraizell has always been one of the top three largest darkness infected lands in the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. It should be filled with the undead and dark elements. However, we found a region that was completely devoid of the undead.”

Iacchi who was probably bored to death, immediately interrupted, “While we were waiting for you, we wanted to check it out… but even though there weren’t any undead there, there was still very powerful magic! So we didn’t really go inside it.”

Undead disappeared… I was surprised, this thing feels a bit familiar, it might have something to do with what Scarlet said. I could not resist proposing, “Lets take a look at it!”

Woodrow, surprised, hesitantly said, “But we still have the comatose Ice Knight, this isn’t very good is it?”

“Don’t worry, he will not wake up any time soon.” I unashamedly said, “Just think of him as Little White’s saddle.”

“… Little White? Who is Little White?” Woodrow, Iacchi and Igor who were all showing surprised expressions, did not seem to understand who Little White referred to.

I snappily replied, “Aside from the unicorn, who else’s back can we put a saddle on?”

Everyone stared with eyes wide open, after a while Iacchi screamed, “You named a unicorn Little White?”

I immediately denied, “No, it itself wanted to be called Little White.”

The unicorn suddenly whinnied loudly, stomping about madly and rearing up on it’s hind legs… Poor Ecilan! He will certainly only have nightmares from now on.

“… Are you sure?”

I nodded, “Yes, it used it’s own hands and feet to show me.”

“Where did it get a hand…” Igor asked, surprised.

“Pointing to my hand, waving it’s own horn.” I confidently said, “‘Are you sure’ you say! The holy light of my hands is white isn’t it? It’s horns are also white aren’t they?”

All three of them nodded. I felt a bit lucky, fortunately I didn’t guess wrong.

“So what is wrong about calling him Little White?”

“Saying it that way, it is right! Its name really must have been Little White.”

Igor was the first to nod and agree with me, Iacchi just shrugged his shoulders, it seems like he doesn’t care what the name of the unicorn is. Woodrow hesitated for a bit, but in the end only nodded.

The unicorn screamed louder… It was really excited! Is having a name that much fun?

At this time, Woodrow could not help but whisper, “But don’t you think his name might be something like ‘Holy Light Horn’ as well?”

The unicorn suddenly screamed loudly and vigorously stomped the ground.

“So noisy! If you make any more noise you won’t be getting any dinner!” After I finished yelling at Little White, I turned around and said, “Don’t you find an horse quibbling over words to be very strange? Also, ‘Holy Light Horn’ don’t you find these three words to be too complicated? Isn’t Little White much easier to remember?”

Woodrow had no choice but to agree, “Saying it that way, I guess it is Little White.”

I nodded satisfactorily.

At this time, the unicorn’s head fell and Igor reached out to pat the horse’s head while saying, “Little White, it really is a good name, much easier to say that Holy Light Horn… Ahhh! You actually bit me, let go! It’s killing me!”

“Well then, lets get going! Little White, let go of Igor’s palm… I mean, let go of his entire arm.”

As we went further and further into the valley, we finally had to stop walking leisurely. Creatures who lived in darkness infected areas started appearing, especially the undead which were as common as weeds on grasslands. We could not take two steps without encountering a large group of them. At first, Igor and Iacchi were just playing around with the undead, competing to see who could kill the most.

But as we travelled further, we noticed that something was strange. No matter how many we killed, the number of undead did not seem to decrease but instead grew in number. Even some of the low level undead that usually ran away were charging at us.

Finally, compared to our side which consisted of five people and a horse, the opposing undead felt like an large army.

“Hurry, retreat!” Iacchi screamed.

“How is this possible?” Woodrow’s mouth fell open, exclaiming, “When we came by before there weren’t anywhere near this many undead!”

Igor stood his ground dutifully and raised his sword… though it was shaking so much the tip formed a figure eight. “Probably because me, Little White and Ecilan are here.”

As if I was enlightened, I continued, “Our bodies are full of holy elements, in the eyes of the dark element aligned undead, we are probably like brightly burning torches. Even though the undead should fear holy elements, this is their stronghold, so it is likely that they are being enraged by emotions greater than their fear so they are charging out in hordes.”

“Then, what should we do?” Standing up front was Igor, whose trembling voice sounded like he was about to cry.

“Don’t worry.” I smiled faintly and said, “All we have to do is become one of them, then there is no problem, the undead will not attack their own kind.”

“Become undead?” Iacchi immediately shouted in response, “Who wants to become them! A good death is better than a poor life! I don’t want to die at such an young age!”

“Don’t be so hasty.” I snapped back, “You don’t want to die, you think I want to die?”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Doesn’t matter what you are going to do, hurry! They’re coming!”

Halfway through Iacchi’s question, Igor’s shout interrupted him. Hearing this, both Iacchi and Woodrow immediately got into their fighting stances. Iacchi pulled out a knife, standing at Igor’s back. Woodrow transformed into a leopard and stood next to the two fighters.

This surprised me a bit, in the face of so many undead, they actually still had the courage to keep on fighting? Maybe I really underestimated Woodrow’s group.

However, even so I still don’t intend to fight this large army.

I dispersed more than half of the remaining holy elements on my body and then started to gather dark elements which was much easier than gathering holy elements. The concentrated dark elements here made me feel has if the area was constantly shrouded by a thick mist. As long as I reach out my hand, a ball of dark elements would gather around my hand so thickly I feel like I could kick it.

Then I sent out the dark elements and enveloped everyone in them.

After the dark elements completely surrounded us, the undead charging at us stopped in their tracks. They looked as if they had lost their targets and after hesitating a bit, they started looking around. After their search turned up nothing, they began to disperse, quite a few even drifting directly past us, not even sparing us a second glance.

Upon seeing this, the originally the nervous Woodrow trio also began to relax, putting away their weapons and Woodrow also changed back to human form.

“So it was like this! You should have said so earlier!” Iacchi shouted, “Make yourself clearer! What did you mean become them… did you want to scare us to death!”

“Grisia, I want to beat you to death!”

Igor does what he says, after he put away his sword, he rushed over and seized me, locking my head under his arm. Raising his fist… I was really nervous, thinking he really wants to beat me. But he put his fist on my head and then rapidly swivelled his fist.

“Hahaha! So itchy!” While laughing, I vigorously protested, “It was your fault for misunderstanding, whether you understood was none of my business.”

“This guy…” After hearing my words, Iacchi also joined in on swivelling his fist on my head.

Woodrow stood on the side shaking his head, looking as if he did not know what to do with us group of children.

After playing around for a while, I suddenly broke away from Igor, saying softly, “Are you awake? Ice Knight.”

Everyone stopped messing around and turned to look at Little White’s back. Ecilan had already opened his eyes, he was silent for a while, moving only his eyes left and right like he was observing his surroundings. In the end he murmured, “How did I faint…”

That was probably a trick from Scarlet? However, I thought Scarlet would make sure he stays unconscious, in case he says something to deceive me, but it looks like Scarlet didn’t do anything at all.

Ecilan turned his head to look at me and softly asked, “Is Flame alright?”

“Yeah.” I said angrily, and could not help but ironically add, “He’s doing so well he almost cut me in half.”

Hearing that, Ecilan said with a surprised look, “He didn’t know he was attacking you right?”

“He knows.” I said coldly, “And he said I absolutely could not be the Sun Knight.”

Ecilan stared, expressionless.

Woodrow sensitively asked, “What Sun Knight?”

I hesitated, but in the end decided to just tell them, “Nothing much, just that in order to escape he lied to me and told me I was the Sun Knight, then asked me to go with him.”

“You’re the Sun Knight?”

Iacchi’s mouth fell open.

The three of us covered our ears.

“How could that be~~Hahaha! I’m hurting my stomach laughing so much!” Iacchi, while laughing, shouted, “If Grisia is the Sun Knight, then I’m the Pope!”

Poor Ecilan… because he was tied down, his hand could not cover his ears so he had to bear the full brunt of Iacchi’s voice. Unfortunately a person has only two hands so though the three of us could sympathize with him, there were no extra hands to help cover his ears.

Finally, Iacchi’s booming voice stopped, and the three of us could put down our hands. I sympathetically threw a few healing spells towards Ecilan’s ears, whose expression looked like he could faint again at any time.

Woodrow murmured, “Fortunately the hearing of the undead is not particularly sensitive, or else I fear all the undead in this valley would have been lured here.”

“How pitiful!” I comfortingly rubbed Ecilan’s head out of sympathy, and at the same time messed up his hair. Serves him right for being so handsome.

Ecilan looked at me coldly.

Thinking about why he was staring at me so intently, I suddenly had a bad feeling. Quickly changing the subject, I asked, “Ecilan, since you say you know me, then look at me carefully. Does it look like there is missing something from my body?”

Unexpectedly, he said without any hesitation, “There is a lot missing.”

“I was talking about is there something very important missing?” I carefully explained, “Something that I always wear and never leaves my body but is missing now.”

Ecilan intently looked at me and after a while nodded his head and told me, “There is indeed something missing.”

“What’s missing?” I asked excitedly. Finally I can find out what I have been missing.


We all stretched our ears waiting for the answer.

Ecilan very seriously said, “You are missing a small bag embroidered with a sun symbol, I gave it to you to store dessert in, it never leaves your body.”


If what Scarlet wants me to find turns out to be a dessert bag, I will definitely make dessert out of her!

At this time, Ecilan suddenly added, “There is also a necklace but that is something you only started wearing a month ago.”

I was surprised. A month ago? “What did the necklace look like?”

Surprised, Ecilan said while shaking his head, “I never noticed it, I just heard Metal say he saw you wearing a large gem. He didn’t know where you stole it from but he was going to go to the Pope about accusing you of corruption…”

“… What is the Metal Knight’s name?”

“Laica Metal.”

I fiercely said, “I’ll remember him!”

“Really?” Ecilan murmured, “Then he will be very moved, aside from Judgement Knight, you are actually going to remember another knight’s name. Before, if you wanted to call his name you’d always call him Lyme or Slime.”

“S… Slime? Ha…” Iacchi was about to laugh again, but fortunately Igor promptly covered the guy’s mouth.

“I used to call him Slime?” I curiously asked, “Then what did I call you?”


“Hey! Talk!” I urged him, “Unless you were lying to me again? Otherwise just tell me, what did I used to call you?”



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